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Rose Quartz Tealight Holder

Rose Quartz Tealight Holder

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This enchanting rose quartz candle holder, hand-carved from the finest naturally formed crystal, radiates a beautiful tranquillity and warmth. As the soft glow of a single tealight flickers within its depths, the holder casts a soothing, compassionate energy throughout your sacred space. Perfect for rituals of self-care and love, this holder invites you to tap into the powerful healing properties of rose quartz and fully embrace the warmth and light of your inner spirit. Let this candle holder’s gentle, nurturing energy envelop you, and let its soothing vibrations guide you towards a more profound sense of peace and understanding. As you light the candle and watch the flames dance and flicker, let yourself be carried away by the mesmerising energy of this beautiful, witchy piece.



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